How to create an interesting and simple game with bamboo

Only with relatively simple widgets at home like: Bamboo, Paper, Carton cover sheet. You can create an interesting game. Let’s find out.

  • You need:
  1. Bamboo
  2. Paper A4
  3. Carton cover sheet
  4. Compact Survival Cord

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  • Start

1. Cut propellers as shownHow-to-create-an-interesting-and-simple-game-with-bamboo01 2. Fixed propellers by  Two circles ( The circle is cut with a cardboard cover)

How-to-create-an-interesting-and-simple-game-with-bamboo033. Then Create a hole in the middle of the circleHow-to-create-an-interesting-and-simple-game-with-bamboo044.  Fix Bamboo Stick and propellersHow-to-create-an-interesting-and-simple-game-with-bamboo055. Next step Create a slot on the bamboo section How-to-create-an-interesting-and-simple-game-with-bamboo066.  Fix Compact Survival Cord with Bamboo sticksHow-to-create-an-interesting-and-simple-game-with-bamboo076. All are readyHow-to-create-an-interesting-and-simple-game-with-bamboo087. Video here

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