How to create super nice tricycles

Hello everyone, wish everyone a wonderful new day, And today I will share with you a very interesting game that is super nice tricycles. So how can you create this super nice tricycles? Let’s find out now.

  • You need:
  1. Popsicle sticks
  2. Straws
  3. Plastic bottle caps or toy wheel
  4. Battery
  5. Switch
  6. DC motor

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  • Start

1. Create a hole in the plastic bottle caps How-to-create-super-nice-tricycles022.  Then create a bike frame with popsicle sticksHow-to-create-super-nice-tricycles033. Fix bike frame and connect DC motor, Battery with switch How-to-create-super-nice-tricycles044. Next step Fix wheel How-to-create-super-nice-tricycles055. Fix Bicycle handlebars and seat How-to-create-super-nice-tricycles006. Video here

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