How to make a car can jump

Hello, today I will create a very interesting thing. How to make a car can jump? Let’s find out together.


  • You need:
  1. DC gear motor
  2. Pipe rod ( Chupa Chups )
  3. Bottle cap or toy wheel
  4. Popsicle sticks
  5. Battery and switch
  6. Iron or steel shaft

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  • Start

1. Fix 2 wheel shaft with Popsicle stick How-to-make-a-car-can-jump022. Connect DC gear motor with battery and switch How-to-make-a-car-can-jump033. Then Fix DC gear motor, Battery with Popsicle sticks in step 1 How-to-make-a-car-can-jump044.  Fix Iron or steel shaft with DC gear motorHow-to-make-a-car-can-jump055. Video here

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