Interesting game from straws you don’t know yet

Hello dear friends, Pretty straws are popular around us, right? And today I will share with you an interesting game made from straws. Let’s start now

  • You need
  1. Straws
  2. Bamboo sticks or aluminum rod
  3. Paper

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  • Start

1. Cut paper Interesting-game-from-straws-you-don't-know-yet012. Fix Paper with Bamboo sticks/ Aluminum rodInteresting-game-from-straws-you-don't-know-yet023. Then Fix straws Interesting-game-from-straws-you-don't-know-yet034. Finished productInteresting-game-from-straws-you-don't-know-yet045. This is a suggestion to play this game Interesting-game-from-straws-you-don't-know-yet056. Video here

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