Create a unique boat from Pepsi cans

The cans of coca or pepsi are easy to find and easy to take advantage of, making them fun toys and today I will show you how to create a very unique boat. Let’s explore now.

  • You need
  1. Pepsi cans (Or coca cans)
  2. Rubberband
  3. Popsicle sticks
  4. Plastic bottle caps

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  • Start

1. Use plastic bottle caps to seal Pepsi cans Create-a-unique-boat-from-Pepsi-cans012. Then fix two Popsicle sticks and Pepsi cans Create-a-unique-boat-from-Pepsi-cans023. Create grooves on two popsicle sticks Create-a-unique-boat-from-Pepsi-cans034. Next step Fix Popsicle sticks Create-a-unique-boat-from-Pepsi-cans045.  Fix RubberbandCreate-a-unique-boat-from-Pepsi-cans056. Let’s try it now Create-a-unique-boat-from-Pepsi-cans067. Video here

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