How to create fun games with table tennis

Hello everyone, wish everyone a happy new week. Today I will show How to create fun games with table tennis. It is really very simple. Let’s explore it together.

  • You need:
  1. Plastic bottle
  2. Bamboo sticks
  3. Compact Survival Cord
  4. Rubberband

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  • Start
  1. Cut plastic bottleHow-to-create-fun-games-with-table-tennis012. Fitting RubberbandHow-to-create-fun-games-with-table-tennis023. Compact Survival Cord to tie rubberHow-to-create-fun-games-with-table-tennis034. Put the Compact Survival Cord wire down under the plastic bottle cap How-to-create-fun-games-with-table-tennis045. Use bamboo stick to force Compact Survival Cord to the lower wire section How-to-create-fun-games-with-table-tennis056. Video here

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