How to make a toy boat

Styrofoam sheets, plastic bottles… after use should not be thrown right into the trash. Use them to create interesting toys for children. How to make a unique, creative and extremely impressive toy boat will be introduced soon.

  • You need:
  1. Styrofoam
  2. DC Gear Motor
  3. Plastic bottles
  4. Battery
  5. Switch

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  • Start

1. Cut Styrofoam sheetsHow-to-make-a-toy-boat012. Then fix DC Gear motor with Styrofoam How-to-make-a-toy-boat023. Connect DC Gear motor, Battery and Switch How-to-make-a-toy-boat034. Fix Foot Pedal Boat (use plastic bottle) How-to-make-a-toy-boat045. Finished productsHow-to-make-a-toy-boat006. Video here

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