How to make mini mixer only with DC gear motor and coca peel or pepsi

From coca or pepsi aluminum bottles, you can completely satisfy your creativity and today I will introduce you How to make mini mixer only with DC gear motor and coca peel.


  • You need:
  1. Coca or pepsi aluminum bottles
  2. DC gear motor
  3. Popsicle Sticks
  4. Plastic bottle cap or toy wheel
  5. Battery
  6. Pipe rod ( Chupa Chups )
  7. Bamboo Stick
  8. Switch

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  • Start

1. Create mixing tank from cans of coca / pepsiHow-to-make-mini-mixer-only-with-DC-gear-motor-and-coca-peel-or-pepsi012. Fix the DC gear motor with the Plastic bottle cap and cans just cutHow-to-make-mini-mixer-only-with-DC-gear-motor-and-coca-peel-or-pepsi023.  Fix the Popsicle Sticks as shown belowHow-to-make-mini-mixer-only-with-DC-gear-motor-and-coca-peel-or-pepsi034. Then Fix them with the DC gear motor  How-to-make-mini-mixer-only-with-DC-gear-motor-and-coca-peel-or-pepsi045. Create a shaft to balance the mixer How-to-make-mini-mixer-only-with-DC-gear-motor-and-coca-peel-or-pepsi056. The completed axis will look like this How-to-make-mini-mixer-only-with-DC-gear-motor-and-coca-peel-or-pepsi067. Next step, we attached the wheel to the mixer How-to-make-mini-mixer-only-with-DC-gear-motor-and-coca-peel-or-pepsi078. Use Popsicle sticks to ensure the mixer runs smoothly without spillingHow-to-make-mini-mixer-only-with-DC-gear-motor-and-coca-peel-or-pepsi089. Use plastic bottle caps to easily control the mixer How-to-make-mini-mixer-only-with-DC-gear-motor-and-coca-peel-or-pepsi0910. DC Gear Motor Connect with battery and switchHow-to-make-mini-mixer-only-with-DC-gear-motor-and-coca-peel-or-pepsi10 11. Video here

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