How to make simple Spinning Tops

Spinning Tops is a very interesting game, with kids in my hometown. And today let’s discover a way to make the spinning top extremely simple.

  • You need:
  1. The metal tip of a ballpoint pen
  2. Plastic bottle caps
  3. Popsicle Sticks

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  • Start

1. Fix two Popsicle sticks How-to-make-simple-Spinning-Tops022. Cut two grooves in two plastic bottle caps How-to-make-simple-Spinning-Tops033. Then fix Popsicle sticks with plastic bottle caps How-to-make-simple-Spinning-Tops044. Next step add plastic bottle caps How-to-make-simple-Spinning-Tops055. Create a hole in the newly added plastic bottle cap How-to-make-simple-Spinning-Tops066.  Fix the metal tip of a ballpoint pen with plastic bottle cap How-to-make-simple-Spinning-Tops077. Product has been completed. experience now

How-to-make-simple-Spinning-Tops018. Video here

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