Amazing mini fan – How to create a simple mini fan at home

Hello everyone, Summer is coming very close and today’s topic will be a surprise for you. How to create mini fan with simple things at home such as Syringe, DC motor, Propeller, Battery. Let’s find out specifically.

  • You need:
  1. DC motor
  2. Propeller
  3. Syringe
  4. Battery

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  • Start

1. Cut the tip of the Syringe Amazing-mini-fan-How-to-create-a-simple-mini-fan-at-home042. Then fix DC motor with Syringe Amazing-mini-fan-How-to-create-a-simple-mini-fan-at-home053. Connect DC motor with Battery Amazing-mini-fan-How-to-create-a-simple-mini-fan-at-home064. Create a slot on plastic plunger and rubber stopper of syringe Amazing-mini-fan-How-to-create-a-simple-mini-fan-at-home075. Install the propeller and complete the productAmazing-mini-fan-How-to-create-a-simple-mini-fan-at-home036. Video here

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