Good tips for people who eat snack – Part 2

Hello everyone, have a nice day. And today I will introduce you to a good tip for you to eat snack boxes. Let’s explore it now.

  • You need:
  1. Magnet
  2. Plastic bottle cap
  3. Coca or pepsi aluminum bottles

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  • Start

1. Cut the cans of coca / pepsi and get the bottomGood-tips-for-people-who-eat-snack-Part-2012. Put the magnet into the cut can of coke Good-tips-for-people-who-eat-snack-Part-2023. Then Fixed Magnet with Plastic bottle cap Good-tips-for-people-who-eat-snack-Part-2034. Next step, Put the bottom of the can of coca in the snack box Good-tips-for-people-who-eat-snack-Part-2045. The finished product let’s experience now Good-tips-for-people-who-eat-snack-Part-2056. Video here

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