Interesting thing are created from straws that you don’t know

The seemingly useless straws can become a great game. This article will help you answer.

  • You need:
  1. Straws
  2. Colored brush pens

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  • Start

1. Cut the bottom of the straws to create the control wireInteresting-thing-are-created-from-straws-that-you-don't-know012. Then cut the tip of the straw to create a deep leg Interesting-thing-are-created-from-straws-that-you-don't-know023.  Proceed to draw the eyes and legs for the wormInteresting-thing-are-created-from-straws-that-you-don't-know034. The product is complete Interesting-thing-are-created-from-straws-that-you-don't-know045. Video here

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